5cc or “Harrild and Sons Cocktail Bar”

26 Farringdon Street, London EC4A 4AB

Service: 4/5
Food/drinks: 4/5
Food Price: £15-20
Drinks Price: £5-10

On the border between the City and the West End, there is a little place where you will be able to feel like …a Londoner.
People have mixed feelings about the City, you either hate or love it and I belong to the latter group. It is busy, bustling, loud and smoky. But, if you are able to look beyond the white collars, you will see London in all its mighty power, in its contradictions, elegance, sadness and stubbornness. The beauty of St. Paul’s, the sober, aged – almost assertive – elegance of the Royal Exchange echo against the exaggeration of the Shard and Bank.
I like to think that those older structures are there to remind us of who we had been and – in some way – who we will always be…or risk to be again.

After you made your neck ache by turning around to admire all the old and new buildings of the City, you can finally have a rest at Harrild and Sons. Do not get astray by the loud and smelly pub on the ground floor. When I went there the first time, my friend walked me downstairs where a cosy and elegant cocktail bar awaited us. Slightly dim atmosphere, but charming and relaxing, this is an appropriate place to ‘feel’ the City.

I was also pretty surprised by the food choice. I had a British duck liver parfait where I received the whole jar, for my extreme happiness. My friend had a delicious bucket of very fresh prawns served with a tasty smoked aioli. I enjoyed the food, sat back into my booth and enjoyed my fresh avocado-based mocktail. Oh it felt good and our conversation merrily flowed among the nice food and the relaxing bar lights.

Enjoy London City people!



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