215 Piccadilly, London W1J 9HL

Service: 4/5
Food: 4.5/5

Price: £45 per person (drinks excluded)

Piccadilly is not the place I would usually show up at on a weekend really. Crowded, loud and full of tourists, it’s difficult to consider it a part of London where to stroll. At the same time, there are places there that are always worth a visit. Fortnum & Mason elegantly sits at the beginning of Piccadilly for example, tempting all of us with its inimitable lemon biscuits and shiny windows. Cicchetti is another place worth the crowd splash. “Cicchetti” is a Venetian Italian word that indicates a small taste platter served with a glass of wine. Inspired by the Italian tradition then, the restaurant serves small portions of (real) Italian delicatessen, with the general aim to allow the customer to try a little bit of everything from the menu.

Mind you now, it is expensive. It’s a good place were to celebrate a special occasion because you will get a pretty special bill. Worth it though.The staff is all Italian, very nice and polite but extremely busy. Do not go there if you are in a rush. As said at the beginning, it gets crowded and loud over the weekend.

We tasted different options, but favourited meat this time. I wasn’t particularly enthusiastic about the fried shrimps as a starter which were pretty average, and were literally two in the plate. I strongly advise the sharing platter of cold meats as a starter, abundant and typically Italian.  We also ordered burrata with parma ham, served with slices of black truffle. A nice and refreshing treat really. Although the burrata is not as good as Obicà, it is definitely enjoyable. The highlights of our meal were Pappardelle with Mushrooms and Tagliata. Pappardelle is a long, flat pasta typically served with mushrooms or sausage. As part of Italian food art, these are typically served in a creamy sauce…not made with cream. This is usually created by the use of butter and the amid of the pasta taken from its boiling water. I found Cicchetti’s version of pappardelle a real blast, completely faithful to Northern Italian tradition and simply exquisite.


Tagliata is a nice piece of steak, served in one-inch slices, a typical Tuscan dish. I really enjoyed it, very tender, cooked to perfection. An absolute must for the meat lovers. Together with this we also ordered lamb cutlets which equalled the Tagliata’s quality, for my extreme joy. Sadly, we only got two of them in the tasting plate.

Have a go at Cicchetti if you want to treat yourself. We all need it sometimes.


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