The Catherine Wheel. A Cotswold break.

Arlington, Bibury, Cirencester, Glos, Cotswolds GL7 5ND

Food: 3.5
Service: 5
Price: 12-15£ per person – at lunch

It is time to have a little break from my opinionated writing about Italian food. And maybe also time to have another little diversion from the Big Smoke. Let’s head west again then and have a little stop at Bibury, a little gem inhabited by 627 souls in the heart of Cotswolds.

Yes…Bibury is exactly what you are thinking about: a little pretty village in the middle of the green English nothingness. The Catherine Wheel lies on top of its only hill, a homey, warm country pub with renewed interiors and strong, wooden tables.


Its food is nice and simple, basically what you would like to find in the countryside: good English ham, delicious relish and jams, melting cheese. I had a lovely open sandwich with Cotswold rarebit, roasted cherry tomatoes and onion jam. If i could have splashed into the jam, I would have. Dad and boyfriend had traditional ham and eggs with chips where the ham was thick and tasty and the chips as big as my pointing finger. My mum had an even more traditional toast with Wiltshire ham and smoked cheese which surely completed her English experience of the day. Warm and delicious, the food made us feel comfortably at home, an English, country home.


We truly enjoyed the place which maintains the English spirit without foregoing newness. If you have a long Cotswold day of hiking or driving ahead of you, you might want to consider to have a cosy stop here.


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