Imli Street

167-169 Wardour Street, Soho, London W1F 8WR

Food: 3.5/5

Service: 5/5

Price: £35 per person

Imli Street lies in the middle of Wardour Street, squashed among the other hundreds of restaurants behind Oxford Street. We landed there due to my afterwork laziness.

Although the place is not the quietest – a sort of trendy dance music always playing the background – the service is extremely polite and relaxed.

As for the food itself, I can easily say it’s pretty distant from traditional Indian cuisine that you can experience in further corners of the city. Having said that, there were definitely a couple of highlights in the evening that are still worth a try.

We started with dal (I find you can never really judge an Indian restaurant cuisine if you don’t try its dal) and some squid with sweet and sour sauce. The dal was definitely good, not outstanding, but still an enjoyable with a very good mix of cumin and coriander. The quid was really not special: the squid itself was a bit too soft and also the fried dough was not particularly crispy.


The shrimps had a very standard masala, a dish you won’t remember unfortunately. On the other hand, I will forever remember my lamb shank! What a delight! Super soft, with a mild creamy sauce of bowed onions and yoghurt. Well, find a way to put lamb and onions together and you will get a happy woman out of me.


Generally speaking, I loved the way the restaurant brought together the colours and aromas of India, the with shades and austerity of Britain. I am not an expert of Indian cuisine but I usually enjoy it in London suburbs such as Southall or the north of London where it is usually pretty good food. Imli Street still offers a gaudy and spicy selection but I happily found that its food has a certain tidiness to it, as if the colourful Indian culture was all contained in the perfect circumference of our plates.

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