Turtle Bay

Ealing Broadway Shopping Centre, 16 High Street, London W5 5DB

Food: 2
Service: 2
Price: £30 per person

Oh my…I have to say the whole experience was a bit of a disappointment, save the good company that luckily enough lead me through the evening.

We were a group of four friends. We arrived in two first and we were ‘welcome’ by a very rude maître who asked about the other two – when we said we thought they were on their way he opened his eyes wide and said in a shrilling voice “you think they are coming?!”. A dreadful start indeed.

The food was generally okay – not to be remembered really, and with a lot of ups and downs. We shared a beach food platter that had very tasty corn fritters on one side and some pretty tasteless chicken wings on the other. I had a Trinidad chicken curry that turned out to be abundant but bland and a friend has a goat curry that did not taste like goat at all and that was way too gritty on the palate. Not good! Having said that, we tried a grilled lamb steak that was nicely seasoned, with cumin probably, and some jerk pork ribs that proved nice and tasty.


Trinidad chicken curry

It is a bit sad that I honestly do not have much more to say about the place. I struggle to understand how the restaurant competes with the others in London. The ambience was way too loud and very little caribbean. I guess it could do for a quick after-work drink, but nothing more. London and Ealing have way better places to offer.


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