Flotsam & Jetsam Cafe

4 Bellevue Parade, Wandsworth SW17 7EQ

Service: 3.5
Food: 4
Food Price: £15-20

In my opinion, this is The brunch place in Wandsworth Common – probably in Balham as well. Very cosy, with books, wooden tables and fresh cakes, Flotsam & Jetsam is that unpretentious place that manages to pull you out of bed on a Sunday morning.
I say without denying a bit of selfishness: I find Flotsam & Jetsam way more relaxed and ethnically diversified compared to its rivals in Balham, such as Milk or Brickwood. And of course I also enjoy their food.

Eggs Royale by Damiano Tescaro on 500px.com

 Eggs Royale, photo courtesy of Damiano Tescaro https://500px.com/coldancientbreeze

The menu is rich but not overwhelming with some musts of the English breakfast such as eggs royale, some interesting varianti such as a chorizo scramble – don’t deny the English their beloved chorizo! – and off course lighter and healthier options among which I found their cornbread an absolute delight.

I have yet to taste something here that I do not like. Depending on what you crave for, there are few highlights as per my experience.

Eggs Royale is probably one of my favourites here. Though not a novelty, the serving is so abundant in smoked salmon that I cannot see how someone might not be happy with it. I could almost call the salmon slices…steaks! What a triumph! I always enjoy this dish that I usually accompany with a side of avocado – equally generous.

Chorizo toast with Eggs by Damiano Tescaro on 500px.com

Chorizo scramble, photo courtesy of Damiano Tescaro https://500px.com/coldancientbreeze

The chorizo scramble is served on a slice of focaccia. The whole is presented very neatly and packs a lot of flavours. Definitely a big sprint start for the morning or the weekend.
Another little gem in my opinion is their massive club sandwich, served open and that you have to challenge with fork and knife. Fresh, bountiful and traditional, this is a great option if you are looking for cosy, comfort food on a lazy weekend.

Everything about the place makes you want to stay longer. It can get busy, with dogs and baggies especially, but it always remains pleasant.


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