“Kanada-ya!” …yay!


SW1Y 4DL Haymarket (London)
WC2H 8LE Covent Garden (London)
Yukuhashi (Japan)
Tang Lung St (Hong Kong)

Price: £15-20£
Service: 4/5
Food: 5/5

This is the perfect Japanese….winter warmer! If you had a long day and need a quick recharge, if that business meeting has drained you to the bones, if you have tried to have a walk around Westminster and you had to wrestle with rushing businessmen and lost tourists, if outside is cold and unfriendly…..this is the right place to be.

Small and discrete, and why not, potentially pretty cheap (£10.50 a bowl) among the majority of overrated choices the town has to offer.

This is a ramen bar, hence do not walk in expecting sushi. No sushi! Only ramen. But what a ramen! To those who had the privilege to travel to that amazing country that is Japan, I am sure this warm, plentiful bowl of noodles will bring up nice memories.


Tonkotsu X Ramen

There are around ten specialities of ramen but tonkontsu is definitely the winner. Choose whether you want chicken or pork broth, add an egg (go for it! remember, you need that energy back!) and pick the texture of noodles you prefer. Ask and you shall be given…an amazing hot ramen bowl with handmade noodles and fresh veggies. Trust me, as soon as you smell the freshness from the bowl, your muscles will relax, your mind will halt the spinning and your day will start smiling at you.


Salmon flake onigiri

For the gluttons like me, the menu also offer a small choice of rice combinations: onigiri – Yes, those little rice triangles Japanese manga characters always seem to have in their lunch box at school. They are basically like a little cute rice sandwich (available in fish and vegetarian options). Furthermore, for those who love to accompany their food with a little bit of an alcoholic kick, the place also offer a good variety of Japanese sake and whisky.

Bottom line is, you can choose the experience you want: a quick, cheap meal for less than £15 or a longer and fuller exploration of the menu, picking different ramen, onigiri and sake.

Whichever way you decide to go, you will not be disappointed.


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