Food is my way of getting to know life. Food links with people’s intimacy, moods and behaviour. It links with the subconscious, and this is why we might walk around the city and ‘feel like having’ something. Or we might be happy, frustrated or excited and feel like having something else.
This blog wants to explore this connection.

I want it to be a companion for you down London’s alleys and while you turn its funny-shaped corners.
But I will also bring you beyond that. We will reach different shores and continents, meeting new colours and cultures especially via their cuisine. Think about the lightness of rice noodles, the kick of black pudding or the tenderness of an Irish lamb. Food talks to us about people and history, flavours are receptive of our feelings and thoughts.

Still, this blog will be a discrete companion. It will not contain ten-page long articles. It will try to be efficient while still painting with the right colours. I will talk to you about food and flavours and how these flavours connect to our daily lives and moods…

So, what do you feel like having today?


I am a young professional, very much embedded in London City and trying to pursue a genuine love for good food and good times.

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